We are a non-profit organization that works to eradicate violence against women through personal, political and social advocacy. As the only organization created by survivors for survivors, we use our shared experiences to help change public perceptions and policy.

Personal Advocacy

Through our personal advocacy programs, our members participate in skills-building training and other workshops that help them to develop their voice, connect with other women survivors of gendered violence, engage in peer support, and acquire practical skills to help navigate the various systems including family courts and child welfare.

Political Advocacy

Through our political advocacy, our members provide expert insight directly to governments, service agencies and other organizations by engaging in research initiatives, focus groups, and participating in steering committees, in order to ensure that the voices of survivors are informing policies and programs so that these agencies can respond better to the needs of women experiencing violence.

Social Advocacy

Through our social advocacy, our members and staff work on initiatives to raise public awareness, influence public opinion and change public perceptions of woman abuse by developing community outreach initiatives and engaging with the media, schools, and the private sector. We bring valuable insight from women who have experienced gendered violence as a way to inform society and dispel the myths.

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