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Our business model and governance structure is unique.

Our organization relies on ‘Portfolios’ – areas that our membership has identified as being of key importance in the work we do to eradicate violence from women’s lives. Each member of our Board of Directors has a portfolio that they oversee, and to which each member is closely aligned, while having access and opportunity to inform other portfolios.

WomenatthecentrE Portfolios address a number of areas that directly intersect with the issue of gendered violence.

The way I see it, shame cannot oppress what acceptance has already claimed for sovereignty.

Tarana Burke


10 WomenatthecentrE Portfolios

Child Welfare

Supporting what's in the best interest of children exposed to gendered violence.

Family Law

Exploring the ways families move through the legal system as a result of gendered violence.

Human Trafficking

Exploring the nuanced experiences of gendered violence through human trafficking systems.


Exploring how those impacted by gendered violence interact with these temporary housing solutions.


Identifying the nuanced gendered violence experienced by those with both visible and invisible disabilities.

Criminal Justice

Exploring the ways survivors interact with the criminal justice (or often injustice) system.

Engaging Men & Boys

Identifying the role that men & boys play in not just perpetrating violence, but also in eradicating it.

Research & Education

Using traditional & novel tools for information gathering, to better understand the nuances of gendered violence.

Health & Wellness

Exploring how both health & wellness are impacted by gendered violence, and how they can be improved.

Sexual Violence

Identifying how gendered violence is experienced and impacted with the inclusion of sexual violence.

We transform our lived experiences as survivors of gendered violence into the foundation of peer-reviewed, ethics-approved research.

Our research work spans all of our portfolios, multiple regions, and wide demographics. Some research areas include:

Policing and VAW: Women Survivors’ Reflections

VAW: Innovative & Promising Practices

Family Justice and Criminal Law Court Watch

Child Welfare and Institutional Ethnography

Impact of Women Abuse on Tweens

Differential Impact of VAW: Marginalized Women

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