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June 2024 Focus Groups are Open!

Want to get more involved with WomenatthecentrE? We’re currently running a handful of focus groups for different initiatives, topics, and demographics!
Rooting Resilience
This focus group is to explore your experiences with peer support.
Open to GBV survivors living with a disability.
Interested? Email Mandira Arnab Aich, the Program Manager.
The Amourgynoir Code
This focus group is a series of interviews to learn about your unique nuanced experiences as a Black woman, girl, gender-diverse and/or trans person.
Open to BWGGDT survivors.
Interested? Email Tarah Paul, the Program Manager.
Resilience 360
This focus group is to understand ways to support survivors of human trafficking.
Open to friends and family of human trafficking survivors.
Interested? Email Mandira Arnab Aich, the Program Manager.

Announcing the Four Host Sites for the Cross Sectoral Solutions Pilot Project

We are delighted to announce the four host sites that will be administering the pilot project for our Cross Sectoral Solutions initiative!


Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) - Brain Injury Canada Connect
BIST is one of three host sites providing critical support and feedback for this initiative. BIST is a community driven non-profit providing support for those living with acquired brain injuries. We want to thank BIST for their continued and valued engagement, bringing this survivor led initiative to fruition.
Ingamo Homes - From Broken to Brave
Ingamo Homes is one of four host sites providing critical support and feedback for this initiative. Ingamo Homes offers support, advocacy and avenues to empowerment for survivors of violence and their families. We want to thank Ingamo Homes for their critical perspective, valued engagement, and ongoing support for the success of this initiative.
The Cridge Centre for the Family
The Cridge Centre for the Family is one of four host sites providing critical support and feedback for this initiative, The Cridge Centre is a charity offering numerous supports to adults, children and families, to restore hope and provide a better future. We want to thank The Cridge Centre for their long standing partnership, support for WomenatthecentrE, and their passion for supporting survivors and their families.
L'Alliance des maisons d'hébergement de 2e étape invite la population à rester indignée face aux féminicides
L’Alliance MH2 is one of four host sites providing critical support and feedback for this initiative. L’Alliance MH2 is a feminist and activist collection of second stage shelters for women and children survivors of domestic violence. We want to thank L’Alliance MH2 for sharing their passion, advocacy and expertise with this initiative and its collective community.

Women’s Groups Call for Amending the Divorce Act

At a news conference in Ottawa, representatives from a coalition of feminist organizations call on the federal government to make changes to the Divorce Act. Taking part were Tiffany Butler, executive director of the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL), and Julie Rioux, whose petition (e-4517) calls for changes to the use of “parental alienation” and associated concepts in family child custody cases.

They were joined by Suzanne Zaccour (director of legal affairs, NAWL), Nneka MacGregor (executive director, WomenatthecentrE), Grace Tabaka (director, Défense des droits des jeunes, Regroupement des Auberges du cœur), and Deepa Mattoo (executive director, Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic).


Watch the video of the news conference on CPAC



Job Posting: Research Associate

We are hiring a Research Associate! Would you like to be a part of the team here at WomenatthecentrE? Now’s your chance! Download the full job description below.


About This Role

This research associate would support our program evaluation process by supporting survivor research participants complete surveys monthly, during a 20-week program intervention. The research associate would also organize all the survey collected data, ensuring our research blinding protocol is enacted effectively and data is kept anonymous and confidential.


  • Reports to Research Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager and Executive Director
  • Attend regular team and advisory board/committee meetings
  • Completion of appropriate trainings related to organizational onboarding, the project, and gender-based violence (GBV) and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Review and completion of appropriate documents
  • Maintain confidentiality pertaining to survivors’ information, experiences and declarations
  • Work collaboratively with project teams
  • Lead a research blinding protocol
  • Support research participants complete program evaluation surveys through phone and/or zoom
  • Organize research data effectively, efficiently and clearly



  •  Identifies as a survivor of gender based violence and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Ability to speak and write in French is essential
  • Understanding of trauma-informed approach to practice
  • Work from an intersectional feminist, anti-racism, and anti-oppressive framework
  • Ability to work collaborative with project partners, other staff, volunteers and placement students is essential
  • Formal or informal experience in community development, social and political advocacy work, and community-based research
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Interested? Please submit your resume/CV and cover letter using the link below by Feb 1, 2024!

A Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau calling for a ceasefire

We along with other feminist organizations have sent a joint appeal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling for a ceasefire.

We, the undersigned, a coalition of feminist, gender justice, and human rights organizations, come together to add our collective voice, echoing the concerns of Canadians and advocates worldwide. The escalating death toll in the Palestine and Israel region demands immediate attention and action. We implore the Canadian Government to wield its influence forcefully, demanding an immediate ceasefire in the occupied Gaza Strip and Israel. We call on our government to join the international effort to monitor the ceasefire.





Advocates call for more options for justice for sexual violence victims

Our Program Manager Nicole and Community Outreach Coordinator Marlee discuss the need for restorative justice as an option for sexual violence victims with Newmarket Today.

Liss, who is now a restorative justice advocate and somatic coach, recalled there was never a mention of restorative justice or alternatives when she was led into the punitive system after she was sexually assaulted in 2016.

“So I actually did end up reporting to the police, and I went through the punitive process for three years. And my very first thought was that I was going to drop the charges because I didn’t want to do that. At the same time, I felt a lack of closure or justice, and I was grieving a lot.”

Her case was one of Ontario’s only cases in which a criminal sexual assault offence had been resolved through restorative justice.

Read the Article on Newmarket Today



Feminicidios alcanzan nuevo récord en Canadá

Our Executive Director Nneka discusses the new record of femicides reached in Canada with The Bridge.

Nneka MacGregor, miembro del Femicide Observatory y cofundadora del Black Femicide Canada Council dijo que es crucial tener discusiones francas sobre el papel de la raza y el racismo en la violencia de género, además de recopilar datos para ayudar a comprender el alcance total del problema..

Read the Article on The Bridge



Our team discuss the power of “restorative justice” with Toronto Star

Our Executive Director Nneka and our Community Outreach Coordinator Marlee Liss were interviewed by the Toronto Star!

This sexual assault survivor took part in a ‘restorative justice’ process in 2019. She’s pushing for others to have the same chance. Despite the positive feedback from all involved, allowing a criminal sexual assault case to be resolved through restorative justice has almost never been permitted again in Ontario since Marlee Liss went through the process in 2019.

Read the Article on Toronto Star




Nearly 200 women and girls killed: Femicides hit new highs in Canada in 2022, report finds

Our Executive Director Nneka and Board Co-chair Tope discuss the femicide epidemic with the Toronto Star.

Mallia’s death also underscores how crucial it is to have frank discussions about the role of race and anti-Black racism in gender-based violence, said Nneka MacGregor, a member of the Femicide Observatory and co-founder of the Black Femicide Canada Council..

Read the Article on Toronto Star



‘Love a Shelter’: Alberta campaign launched as domestic violence calls increase for Valentine’s Day

Our Program Manager Nicole discusses the concerns of domestic violence increases around Valentine’s Day with City News.

Nicole Taylor, the program manager of WomenatthecentrE, says Valentine’s day can be used as part of the circle of violence.

She says aggressors buy gifts or chocolates for their victims in the hopes those being hurt, emotionally or physically, will not think their situation is so bad.

Read the Article on City News


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