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Our C6 Peer Counselling program is a structured peer-based counselling program developed by and for survivors around the 6 C's of gender-based violence.

The C6 Peer Counselling Program is facilitated by survivors trained to conduct peer-based, trauma-informed counselling, grounded in lived experience, and contextualized using applicable theoretical frameworks.

Our C6 Peer Counselling Program is peer-based; as survivors of gender-based violence, we have a shared connection with other survivors. We have a deeper understanding of what other survivors are going through, because we have been there. The C6 Peer Counselling Program is made up of survivors of GBV across Canada to discuss lived experiences and focus on survivors' healing journeys.

Portfolio: Research & Education

Using traditional & novel tools for information gathering, to better understand the nuances of gendered violence.

2021 Funders

2022 Funders

WomenatthecentrE Team

Shakila Joudaki (She/Her), Project Coordinator

Survivors will be paired with a peer counsellor that best represents their needs, as we want to ensure that our peer counselling program is inclusive and reflective of all survivors. With that said, survivors will be paired with a counsellor that identifies as a survivor. In order to be reflective of our diverse community of survivors, we aim to ensure that our counsellors are those who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, living with disabilities, and/or part of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. 

Project Objectives
  • Creating safe(r) spaces for survivors to discuss lived realities of violence, building connections and community and reigniting power and resilience
  • Understanding that theory, community and advocacy can be a solid foundation for healing
  • Implementing alternative approaches to healing such as art, poetry, writing and music, to focus on survivors’ strengths while developing strategies of resistance and resilience within the context of GBV

C6 is based on our understanding that education, community & advocacy can be a foundation for healing.

It is delivered by our highly skilled, compassionate and engaging counsellors, who each bring a critical lens to the work of supporting other survivors on what we call the ‘The Healing Continuum’. We have identified that survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) require a space where they can safely and unapologetically share their experiences, develop community and create space for healing.

Through this unique counselling program, survivors will be offered peer support and resources and develop healthy and effective methods of healing and empowerment through our C6 framework. The program is offered in both individual and group settings. Sessions will be delivered virtually via phone or zoom, whichever feels most comfortable for the survivor.

Actions for Survivors

Survivors can participate in the program by community organization referral and/or self-referral. Upon referral, survivors will be required to complete a pre-survey form. Once the pre-survey is complete, survivors will be paired with a peer-counsellor and counselling sessions can begin.

2022 Purple Ribbon Awards Winner

In 2022, WomenatthecentrE's C6 Peer Counselling Program was the winner of a coveted Purple Ribbon Awards Medallion in the Category for Program/Shelter Of The Year.

Actions for the Community

It is our hope that communities will reach out for training, and to get involved on the local, provincial/territorial and federal level to advocate for survivor-led changes.

Support our C6 Peer Counselling

Donate to provide 100 gsurvivors with access to peer counselling.

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