The Court System Through the Lens of a Courtwatch Volunteer

When my friend and fellow volunteer Adam began discussing the Courtwatch program with me, I became instantly engrossed and wanted to know how I could become involved. My interest was particularly keen because, as someone who has always felt that it was important to help out and become involved within our community, I believed this initiative was a way in which I could do my part. Read more “The Court System Through the Lens of a Courtwatch Volunteer”

Courtwatch 2013’s FIRST EVER BLOG POST!

I walked into the courtroom just as I had on many other mornings this summer, expecting to hear a charge read and then, probably, a long and complicated explanation for why this particular case would NOT be heard today.  Deliberations put off for another month so the prosecution could get their case better together, or perhaps the wrong person had got stuck in traffic on their way, or simply that a necessary letter had gotten lost on its way to the defense. Read more “Courtwatch 2013’s FIRST EVER BLOG POST!”

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