We embark on a number of initiatives to engage the public and our community in the work that our organization does. Click on the links below to learn abou out our current and past initiatives and see how some of our work manifests itself.

In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words is WomenatthecentrE’s newest initiative – a week-long event where we bring together victims of sexual violence to develop a peer support and community action model that can be used in other regions.

Silent No More

WomenatthecentrE hosts a training program, completed either on our online system or at a community centre partner, to help women survivors understand the intricacies of abuse.

A Fresh Breath

A Fresh Breath is a public research project that examines the occurrences of strangulation among women abused by an intimate partner.


The Courtwatch project was set up by WomenatthecentrE as a way to gather insight, statistics, and information on the justice system response when it comes to violence against women.

Past Initiatives

Guy Talk

Guy Talk was a panel discussion that took place in April 2014, encouraging a discourse on the topic of how young men are raised in today’s society.

Kilimanjaro '14

Kilimanjaro ’14 was a trip organized by WomenatthecentrE in which mothers and sons climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness.

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