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The Truth & Transformation: Advancing Gender Equity For Black Women, Girls And Gender Diverse, and Trans Peoples (B-WGGDT) In Canada project is a five-year initiative that addresses and responds to racialized gender-based violence experienced by Black women, girls, and gender-diverse people. 

It aims to align policies and procedures, increase capacity and skill-building resources and partnerships in response to gender-based violence.

Portfolio: Research & Education

Using traditional & novel tools for information gathering, to better understand the nuances of gendered violence.


WomenatthecentrE Team

Sonya Boyce (She/Her), Director

Gifty Asare (She/Her), Director of Research & Community Impact

Nneka MacGregor (She/Her), Executive Director

Tarah Paul (She/They), Project Manager

Kiah A-Dixon (She/Her), Youth Lead 

Chinenye Chikelu, Peer Navigator

Our goal is to build organizational capacity among staff, students and volunteers to better support survivors and community members through a series of training sessions, as well as promote sustainability within the organization.

Project Objectives
  • People to centre the lived experience of B-WGGD survivors of gender-based violence
  • Create a communications strategy to raise awareness about the needs of Black women, girls, and gender diverse people.
  • Conduct a comprehensive and community-based participatory research regarding experiences of gender-based violence of self-identified Black women, girls, and gender-diverse people
  • Develop a national gender equity policy to address structural factors such as gendered inequity and anti-Black racism

We are a movement to combat anti-Black gender-based violence against Black Women, Girls, Gender-Diverse & Trans people in Canada.

Our goal is to promote amourgynoir – a coin termed by our Executive Director – meaning to centre the lived experiences of B-WGGDT people and combat anti-Black gender-based violence.

Actions for Survivors

We are developing more and more proactive opportunities for B-WGGDT survivors of anti-Black gendered violence. Follow our newsletter to stay up to date.

Actions for the Public

Send a virtual card to a B-WGGDT person in your life to let them know that they are loved, they are valued, they are honoured, and they are cherished.

Actions for the Community

If you're an advocate looking to get involved with this important project on a wider scale, take our survey!

Donate to The Amourgynoir Code

When you support a movement, you help to change the world.
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