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Émilie Lesage

Bilingual Peer Navigator
Émilie is one of our Bilingual Peer Navigators.
Project Affiliation:
Cross-Sectoral Solutions: Strengthening Community Capacity to Address the “Parallel Pandemic” of Gender-Based Violence-Related Traumatic Brain Injury through a Survivor-Led Support Intervention

Émilie’s Biography

When a man beats a woman, he is violently oppressing the very direct expression of our individuality.

Our hearts, minds and bodies become shattered while he contributes directly to the propagation of his misogynistic quest.

As we pick up the pieces of ourselves,along our our sisters, our mothers, our aunts and grandmothers, we try so hard to re-imagine our idea of self in this fractured (society). Inevitably, the man that creates violence is trying to silence us.

Someone I admire dearly for her courage and rawness is the artist and individual that is Frida Kahlo. “I am my own muse, the subject I know best”. I truly believe that after all a person can experience and endure, it is within oneself that we will have a commitment to make. To love and deeply get to know ourselves. To live, to care, to unlearn/learn who we are. Go ahead, my love, and paint your canvas of the life that you want for yourself and no one else!

My sweet sweet sister, starting from within, let yourself sing and dance like you’ve never done before. Learn a new skill, develop the version of yourself that you and only you want.

Surround yourself in a garden where only beautiful things grow.

Weed out what has been keeping you down and find your own peaceful place.

You belong here and so does your heart.

Together, let’s stand. Let’s speak up and continue the ongoing fight to eradicate gender-based violence!

Let’s tell the whole world why we found that we matter.

And that we, ourselves, are worthy of love.

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