Our business model and governance structure is unique in that it relies on ‘Portfolios’ – areas that our membership has identified as being of key importance in the work we do to eradicate violence from women’s lives.

Each member of our Board of Directors has a portfolio that they oversee, and to which each member is closely aligned, while having access and opportunity to inform other portfolios. WomenatthecentrE Portfolios address a number of areas that directly intersect with the issue of gendered violence.

Portfolios Include

  • Child Welfare

  • Criminal Justice

  • Engaging Men & Boys

  • Family Law

  • Girl Child

  • Health & Wellness

  • Human Rights

  • Research & Education

  • Shelters

Research Areas Include

  • Policing and VAW: Women Survivors’ Reflections

  • Family Justice and Criminal Law Court Watch

  • Impact of Women Abuse on Tweens

  • VAW: Innovative & Promising Practices

  • Child Welfare and Institutional Ethnography

  • Differential Impact of VAW: Marginalized Women

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