WomenatthecentrE is a positive, inclusive, supportive and active organization with members who are committed to the mission of improving the lives of women survivors of gender-based violence in our communities, locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Our members are women who want to share their experiences and use the lessons they learned as a result, to create better outcomes for other women and children fleeing abuse.

We prepare our members to play leadership and advocacy roles in their communities. Through various programs, they are able to network with other women survivors, participate in advocacy and other skills-building workshops, and ultimately take part in community activism opportunities.


There are five types of members in our organization:

This type of membership is for those who want to connect with other women and have access to the information we are developing, gathering and disseminating. They participate in our skills-building training, attend meetings and focus group discussions, and more.
This type of membership builds upon everything from the Community type of membership. Members would have completed our Effective Communication & Advocacy training workshop, and would be able to engage in advocacy opportunities that engages them with the community at large.
This type of membership builds upon everything from the Advocacy type of membership. Members are involved in the management of their local WomenatthecentrE Chapter.
This type of membership involves all aspects of the other membership types. Board members are involved in high-level decision-making in regards to the direction and governance of our organization.
This type of membership is not a part of the organization as a survivor, but as an individual who works in the violence against women sector, such as those supporting immigrant women, providing counselling, shelters and child welfare.

Percent of members who:

Have performed speaking engagements through WomenatthecentrE
Participate in media engagements and interviews through WomenatthecentrE
Are engaged in peer-to-peer support for other members
Have gone from receiving training to delivering training through WomenatthecentrE
Featured Program
The Right to Self-Defence:
Know Your Rights


Some areas covered in this program include:

– the intersection of woman abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, mental health and addictions

– effective communications and advocacy skills development

– sectors and community engagement strategies & opportunities

Research has shown the most high-risk time is at the point of separation.

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