WE Counsel - a full-spectrum counselling service for survivors.

WE Counsel is an inclusive, comprehensive and trauma-centred programme developed by women-identified survivors, primarily for all women-identified survivors of gender based violence. We understand that the usual counselling options can often underserve this specific community, so we set out to provide you with something tailored to your needs based on the feedback of our membership and community at large.

WomenatthecentrE provides two options: an ongoing counselling format that builds upon traditional elements but incorporates a trauma-centered approach; and C6 – a timed dynamic counselling framework that supports survivors to understand 6 critical impact areas and help create their customized set of tools to move beyond the trauma.

Traditional counselling

Designed to be continuous and provide survivor with ongoing support

An inclusive space for any and all identified survivors

Registered social workers with academic AND lived experience

The C6 Framework

Designed to make you resilient and self-reliant in a structured timeframe

An inclusive space for women-identified survivors


Registered social workers with academic AND lived experience

C6 Overview

This programme is based on our understanding that community, advocacy and activism (in whatever way that works for the individual) can be a solid foundation for healing. It is delivered by our highly skilled, compassionate and engaging Registered MSW Counsellors, who each bring a critical lens to the work of supporting other survivors on what we call ‘The Healing Continuum‘.


Understanding that the violence is personal, social, and political


Unpacking the various ways the violence has impacted the individual


Developing strategies to understand and reframe language


Developing your personalized self-care kit and learning implementation strategies


Understanding the importance of who and where you are in life


Reflecting on your journey and taking back your power on your terms


Eligibility: women-identified survivors of gender-based violence

Schedule: one hour per week for 24 weeks; flexible timing includes daytime, evenings, and weekends.

Delivery: in-person, over the phone, or video chat options available.

Session: one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions are available.

Payment Options: direct payment, insurance, and EAP are all accepted for this program. Sliding scale options available for those who qualify.


Contact our WE Counsel team to learn more and schedule your sessions!


Nneka is an advocate who works with government and other organizations to eradicate violence against women. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Centre for Social Justice, also known as the WomenatthecentrE, our unique non-profit organization that was created for women survivors of gender-based violence, by women survivors. Nneka develops and delivers training to various agencies and organizations that promotes better understanding of the issues, and focuses on personal and political advocacy for women survivors, as well as on ways to engage men and boys in the initiatives to eradicate violence against women.

"It’s critical that those with the lived experience be the ones at the centre of social policy and reform. We must leave the shame behind and focus on ways to empower ourselves, our children … our society as a whole, to understand that violence against women, in any shape or form, is not acceptable. So we use our personal tragedies as a way to change the world – for the better."

Shelleena is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree, focusing on Sociology; she then attended Ryerson University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work and continued on to receive her Masters of Social Work. Shelleena has completed research in feminist parenting and transracial foster placements, as well as aided in research on the intersection of Indigenous communities and IPV. She is currently completing research around sexual violence and justice.

Shelleena has over 10 years’ experience working in Mental Health and she continues to expand her knowledge. She identifies as a transfeminist, pansexual woman and is an avid advocate for notably queer and trans communities and the environment.

When she is not working with incredibly empowering comrades and advocates, she enjoys backpacking and travelling to other countries while learning about different places and enjoying new experiences and food.

Nicole has completed her Master of Social Work (MSW) at Ryerson University, completing her practicum with WomenatthecentrE. Her work includes community development, policy analysis, and advocacy work in the areas of gender-based violence, mental health and addictions, and homelessness. Nicole was recently introduced to art as a tool for resistance and social change, which has inspired her to incorporate photography into her current major researcher paper (MRP) on embodied representations of women’s resistance and strength within the context of gendered violence.

“It is imperative to not only recognize and understand the multiple, intersecting systems that oppress women, but it is equally, if not more important to highlight the ways in which women resist oppression. We need to centre strategies of resistance to create opportunities for survivors to confidently exercise power in ways that shift how people, including themselves, think about violence against women.”

Karia completed her Masters of Social Work (MSW) at Ryerson University. She is conducting research on the impacts of violence and trauma on the mental health of Black Canadians. She works with women, children, youth, those experiencing homelessness, and various marginalized populations.

"We are all swimming in shit, smell yourself before you smell someone else."

Shirley is a Registered Nurse. She has a Masters in Education, in Psychology and Community Development from the University of Toronto. For over fourteen years, she contributed to the care of survivors of interpersonal violence in her position as Manager of the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre in Scarborough. She was presented with the Community Service Award by the Ontario Medical Association in 2010.

Prior to this she worked with the perpetrators of sexual violence in partnership with the forensic treatment community, assessing and monitoring offenders reintegration into the community.

Janet is a social worker, a survivor of gender based violence, and an advocate for social justice. She holds a diploma in Child and Youth Work with Honours from Humber College. Janet also holds a Bachelor of Social Work from York University and is currently a candidate for Master of Social Work from York University, ready to defend her dissertation on Anti-black Racism and Canadian Child Welfare.

“Once you know a thing, you can't unknow it.”

Amanda is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work at Ryerson University. Within her studies, she is particularly interested in examining the intersections of fatness and gender; the impacts of familial and intimate-partner violence; and the ways in which dominant power structures such as Whiteness, sexism, and heteronormativity are enacted through our current legal system.

“The word ‘survivor’ is more than an individual identity. It is a political term. Although at times we may feel like victims, what should be highlighted is our continued, collective survival. This isn’t about one woman, it is about all of us, as survivors, taking up an identity of empowerment.”