WE Counsel - a full-spectrum counselling service for survivors.

WE Counsel is an inclusive, comprehensive and trauma-informed programme developed by women-identified survivors for those wanting to access counselling services. We understand that the usual counselling options can often under-serve specific communities, so we set out to provide you with something tailored to your needs based on the feedback of our membership and community at large. We provide 2 counselling options.

Individuals, couples, and groups

Primarily for survivors of gender-based violence

360 Counselling

You’re provided with flexible and self-directed support

An inclusive and safe(r) space with a critical, comprehensive approach

Registered social workers with professional AND lived experience

The C6 Framework

Designed to make you resilient and self-reliant in a structured timeframe

An inclusive space for women-identified survivors


Registered social workers with professional AND lived experience

The 360 counselling is a holistic approach to individuals, couples, or groups that are seeking counselling in order to foster healthy and reflective conversations, that will deepen and strengthen relationships with each other and yourselves. Our counsellors provide non-judgemental, open, honest, and grounding counselling strategies. We understand that all relationships look differently. We aim to support you in achieving your goals through accountability, communication, and compassion.


Our counsellors will guide you through a self-directed healing journey


All of the counsellors have lived experience of gender-based violence, paired with comprehensive professional training and experience in community-based research, education, advocacy, peer support, and counselling

Care continuum

Access to comprehensive planning tailored to your experiences that includes individual care and safety planning


We guide you through deep and critically reflexive exercises


Focus on strengths, strategies of resistance and resilience


A space for all bodies, including but not limited to fat bodies, Black bodies, Indigenous bodies, racialized bodies, queer, trans and gender non-binary bodies

This programme is based on our understanding that community, advocacy and activism (in whatever way that works for the individual) can be a solid foundation for healing. It is delivered by our highly skilled, compassionate and engaging Counsellors, who each bring a critical lens to the work of supporting other survivors on what we call ‘The Healing Continuum’.


Understanding that the violence is personal, social, and political


Unpacking the various ways the violence has impacted the individual


Developing strategies to understand and reframe language


Developing your personalized self-care kit and learning implementation strategies


Understanding the importance of who and where you are in life


Reflecting on your journey and taking back your power on your terms


Eligibility: 360 – open; C6 – women-identified survivors of gender-based violence

Schedule: 360 – flexible timing includes daytime, evenings, and weekends; C6 – one hour per week for 24 weeks.

Delivery: in-person, over the phone, or video chat options available. Note: due to COVID-19, all sessions will be virtual (phone or video chat) until further notice.

Session: one-on-one sessions as well as couple and group sessions are available.

Payment Options: direct payment (eligible for insurance claims) by Interac E-transfer, or cash. Sliding scale options available for those who qualify.


Contact our WE Counsel team to learn more and schedule your sessions!


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