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Share Her Story, Remember Her

Every day, too many Black women, girls, and gender-diverse people (B-WGGD) are taken from us because of gendered violence. And too often, our loved ones’ stories are not given the attention, compassion and awareness that they deserve.

Too many Black hearts are broken each time a loved one is murdered.

This December 6th, on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women, we have begun a movement – to shine a light on the experiences of B-WGGD people & the intersection with gendered violence.

Help us, by sharing the untold stories of daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, cousins, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbours who were taken too soon. We will remember them, amplify their stories in ways that shines a light on their unlawful killings, while taking collective action to prevent future Black Femicides.

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What Will We Do With these Stories?

Black Femicide Canada is raising awareness about the killings of Black women, girls, and gender diverse people in this country. Their lives were erased through violence, but we are determined to show the world that they matter.

Collective Remembrance

Centring Black Women, Girls & Gender Diverse People

Thanks to a historic grant from the federal government’s Department for Women and Gender Equality (WAGE), WomenatthecentrE has begun developing a framework to advance gender equity for Black women, girls and gender diverse people (B-WGGD) in Canada. We know that being at the intersection where anti-Black racism meets misogyny, B-WGGD people experience severe systemic and interpersonal violence, because they are both Black and female, or gender non-binary. No one seems to be collecting any data or documenting these experiences – until now.

We aim to launch an interactive platform to show & share the stories of the B-WGGD people who have been murdered, both to honour their lives and to galvanize the community into action so we never have another Black heart broken.

Community Action

The lack of data is as much a symptom, as it is a cause for the lack of public awareness and action on the part of governments. Data is not just about understanding the prevalence (numbers) of Black Femicide; it is about unpacking the social structures that enables it. Anti-Black racism, gender inequities, poverty, unequal health opportunities and access – these are some of the systemic barriers that intersect to create greater risks of femicide for Black women, girls, and gender diverse people.

Over the next 12 months, we will be gathering narratives from the community, as they share the names of loved ones who were victims of Black Femicide. This form of community action will allow us to not only start gathering the numbers, but also to learn about what is behind those numbers – the lives lived and lost. This is how we begin to disrupt and reconstruct our understanding of Black Femicide, so that we can do the work of protecting B-WGGD people, while ensuring systemic accountability.

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