Veronica Campos

Veronica Campos is an activist who has been working and advocating for women’s rights since 2004. She has participated in numerous public speaking engagements, violence against women’s conferences, English & Spanish radio conferences and has sat on various Portfolios, including the Women’s Voices For Action & Shelter Portfolio of the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto and is actively engaged in various social & cultural groups. Veronica was a volunteer at the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto in 2004 and is now working there as the Centralized Partner Assault Response (PAR) Probation Intake Coordinator.

As a Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, Past Life Regression and a Shiatsu Therapist, Veronica realizes that it is of the utmost importance for women experiencing violence to heal themselves from the inside out. “Women survivors are often dealing with trauma; these are the most difficult and trying times of their lives, therefore ensuring her complete physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health will assist her to face the future with confidence, balance and wellbeing,” says Veronica. “I use my knowledge and expertise to support women of all ages and I would like them to know how important it is for them to strive for greatness.


“I ran away from my abusive husband and came to this country to build a new life for myself and my daughters. I thought the abusers and the injustices only happened back home but I was totally wrong – they are here too. Because of this second abuser who is my son’s father, I had to engage the system, but my ignorance in the law and my poor english made it worse. But I did it; I faced him in court, represented myself and got custody and child support! If I can do it, other women can too.”

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