Tope Adefarakan

Dr. Adefarakan is a Sociology Lecturer and Academic Advisor at the University of Toronto’s Transitional Year Programme (TYP) and holds a PhD from the University of Toronto in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, as well as the Women and Gender Studies Institute. Dr. Adefarakan has over 15 years of experience teaching both high school and university students equity focused feminist curriculum and an equal amount of years mentoring youth and facilitating workshops concerning women’s rights, diversity and social justice.

Dr. Adefarakan is a survivor of domestic/woman abuse, and was forced to relive the emotional and verbal abuse she experienced while with an ex in a much more profound and escalated form via institutional bodies such as The Law Society of Upper Canada and the ultimate challenge of navigating the turbulent terrains of the Judicial system.

“Conventional definitions of violence and abuse are narrow. State sanctioned definitions of abuse only include the physical form as a criminal offence and exclude others that are just as harmful and injurious. My ex-partner never laid a hand on me yet I experienced a confluence of violence and abuse from him that was spiritual, verbal, emotional, psychological, financial and institutional.”

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